viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2008

Enlightened By Fire

"Enlightened by fire"
Original title: Iluminados Por El Fuego
USA title: Blessed by Fire
Year: 2005
Genre: Drama, History, War
Written and Directed by: Tristán Bauer
Cast: Gastón Pauls, Pablo Riva, César Albarracín, Hugo Carrizo, Virginia Innocenti

When an old soldier suicides, Esteban, who was his brother in arms during the war at the Islas Malvinas (aka Falkland Islands) starts to remember the horror they lived together when they were young.
This is the story of that war seen through the eyes of a young boy who wasn´t prepared to be in hell. It´s a hard punch that hurts for being so faithful to what really happened to all those young men who were thrown into action without arms, shoes or even food.
A true historical masterpiece that will make you think about this dark episode even long after the movie is ended. Cos this is not only their story, it´s our story too and what it means to be Argentinian.

sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2008

Kisses On The Forehead

"Kisses On The Forehead"
Original title: Besos En La Frente
Year: 1996
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Written and Directed by: Carlos Galettini
Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, China Zorrilla, Claudio García Satur, Carolina Papaleo

Sebastián is a young writer who comes to Buenos Aires under the care of Mercedes, an 80 year old woman with the spirit of a 16 year old. She falls in love with Sebastian, who also start having feelings for her.
This is the story of a forbidden love that becomes larger than the lover´s life. A love story told in the words of an ancient theatrical tragedy.

domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2008

Waiting For The Hearse

"Waiting For The Hearse"
Original title: Esperando La Carroza
Year: 1985
Genre: Comedy
Written and directed by: Alejandro Doria
Cast: Antonio Gasalla, China Zorrilla, Luis Brandoni, Betiana Blum, Julio de Grazia, Enrique Pinti, Darío Grandinetti, Juan Manuel Tenuta

An acid comedy about the family that has become a timeless classic.
Mama Cora (played by Antonio Gasalla) is an old woman whose mind is working against her. This makes her so annoying that no one in the family wants to take care of her. This responsibility falls over a poor woman, hated by the rest of the family for being a good person. That´s because they are such bad people that they can´t stand each other, they just act like they love each other. ¿Any resemblance with reality?
Watch this movie and your body will hurt from laughing. But be careful, you might realize that you´re laughing at yourself!!!!!!
This comedy is acid to the bone.